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Mantey's prodigious piano

Holger Mantey was born in 1963 on the island of Ruegen. He completed classical piano studies with Professor Heinz Zimbehl and Sonja Großmann in Berlin.Mantey developed his own concept of piano music which had the stamp of multiple influences: may it be the classical music of Bach, right up to the modern and non-European.

Under adventurous circumstances he fled from the GDR and went to Cologne. Ever since Mantey has made an impact as soloist and he played at many festivals in Europa, Asian and Africa. (Leverkusen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Perugia, Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay, Lisbon, St.Petersbourg, Izmir, Valladolid, Ankara a.o.). Concert tours took him to: Japan, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Israel, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Guinea, Cootie d'Ivoire, Portugal, Cap Verde, Spain, Japan, Pakistan, Lithuania,Mauritania, Senegal, Switzerland a.o.


Along with the saxophonist Matthias Schubert from cologne he received the second prize at the International Competition for Young Arts in Duesseldorf. Mantey has been doing Radio and TV-recordings for many several stations:HR, WDR, NDR, 3SAT, BR, DLF, SR, MDR, RBB, Lit.TV,RAI(ital.)

The virtuosity of the pianist has been acknowledged by competent sources. His technical ability is astonishing and his talent is impressive. What is most fascinating is Holger Mantey's talent to create an own expression with the piano. Familiar with the pluralistic style of the present times, he is rooted in the classical piano tradition and wanders into the world of sounds of romantic music and does not get caught in the jungle of arbitrariness. Holger Mantey knows how to differentiate and to individualise.


Since the end of the eighties Holger Mantey is a name on the German festival circuit. He has played at many Festivals in German and abroad. In his concert which have taken him right upto Asia, Europe and Africa, has succeeded in questioning the separating lines between his especially kind of romantically music, classical music, and contemporary music in a creative manner, and in this way got different audience groups to get interested in his music.

Wolfgang Sandner of the German newspaper FAZ expressed what others also find exciting in Holger Mantey's playing: "As if he had an entire musical cosmos in his head". In doing so, Holger Mantey plays lesser with conscious cross-references, however in his case a lot flows out of the spontaneous running of the fingers on the keyboard; he undoubtedly has mastered the art of what one could call "instant composing".