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This is my newest CD with only my own pieces, which I have put together over the past one and a half years on this concept. 12 compositions, some together Hanpans, chord boards or other sounds.

FREIFLUG classics

This CD was created at the same time as the CD "Verwandlung". I have implemented my long-cherished wish here to capture some of my classical pop or other arrangements and adaptations of well-known and less well-known works on CD. 13 pieces from 5 centuries can be heard here.


BALANCE, 10 original compositions that I have arranged very differently and in which I have used my voice as a connecting element.


This CD is from 2011 and was inspired by one of my Japan tours in 2010. It is a mixture of my own compositions and some arrangements of classic and folk songs.


Isabella Moog Bansuri, Perc. & Holger Mantey piano, voice, sounds

A very calm, meditative CD together with the versatile artist Isabella Moog. A very successful CD, which is already available in its second edition.


This CD is my bestseller from 2003 and was released on KONNEX RECORDS at that time.

TORII - hiker between the worlds

The CD with Uwe Walter (Shakuhachi) and me on the piano, which will be released on SWR in 2012, is an exploration of Japanese music. The approximately 3000 year old Shakuhachi instrument comes into its own.

out of print


13 compositions can be heard on the CD. Most of me but also Beethoven's "Für Elise" in one arrangement. From time to time I find it appealing to work on pieces that are known to have made it into various telephone waiting loops. It's a nice challenge to give these works something new.

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Many tones can be heard here in the rapid arrangements of Gershwin's "Fogg Day" or the Chopin Etude Op.25 No.2. Also heard some expressive compositions from my pen.


A duo CD with the Berlin saxophonist Gert Anklam. We mixed the music partly with sounds from all over the world, so that you feel transported to the respective area or situation. A trip in the truest sense of the word.

out of print


Matthias Schubert Sax - Holger Mantey Piano

10 compositions by Schubert and me in a recording of the NDR from 2001. The expressive saxophone part by Schubert complements the best with the extravagant piano manades by Manteys.

out of print


Matthias Schubert sax Holger Mantey p

The 1st CD of duo Schubert-Mantey. This recording of the Hessischer Rundfunk was published on ITM in 1997.

out of print


This recording of the Hessischer Rundfunk with the Turkish percussionist, oud player and singer Burana Öcal, the vibraphonist Christopher Dell and me on the piano was released in 1998 on Konnex. The CD is out of print.

out of print


A recording of Deutschlandfunk with 9 compositions without exception by me. The CD was released on NEW CLASSIC COLORS in 1996 and is no longer available.

out of print


This is my very first CD. A recording of the Hessischer Rundfunk and published by Bellaphone in Frankfurt / Main.

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