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WAVES – Sounds of the Sea

Is a multimedia-based event for which the pianist Holger Mantey has created a film about the oceans of the world, in which often simply breathtaking sceneries flow into each other. As the film delicately places grand natural backdrops in focus, the musician lends sound to it with his grand piano, complementing the visual experience musically and stimulating the imagination of the audience to let their own stories come alive before their mind's eye.

The music, which Mantey composed and conceptualised for the film, sounds at times repetitious to match the rhythmically passing images and captures particular sentiments to playfully flow around them at others. The pianist, who grew up only 50 metres from the Baltic Sea, has the ocean in his blood and is only all too familiar with the various, weather-related moods it may set. With this project, he fulfilled a long-time wish and created an art project which serves as an invitation to immerse oneself with eyes and ears in the ancient element of water to then remeerge new and refreshed.

The necessary film material was gathered by Holger Mantey himself on his concert tours as he performed celebrated concerts in 21 countries around the world. He then supplemented it with footage taken by colleagues and free clips. Simply dive in and flow along.

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