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From Mozart to Gershwin – piano music to delve into

The pianist cannot be captured using common categories. In his works elements of both classical and jazz music, enriched with improvisational and meditational components, enter into novel and original connections. Thus, the musician manages to let the boundaries between the different musical genres flow into each other in an impactful way. He dresses famous works by, among others, Mozart, Gershwin, Paganini and co. in a new "sound gown," which can be pleasurable, highly suspenseful, or incredibly hilarious.

In this way, Chopin's Étude Op. 25 Nr. 2, for instance, plunges from the heights of classically dignified coloratura only to reemerge from the cascading waterfalls of bop. Thus, Mantey creates the premise for countless variations and transformations. In this way, he demonstrates, among other things, that you can still play the piano magnificently even without the use of fingers.

Through it all, his irrepressible joy of playing proves time and again to be the starting point to bring a smorgasbord of bubbling ideas to the stage in which his classical roots always shine through, but also his unconvential wit and playfulness. Best to just take off and fly along.

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